Ven al estudio

Artistic work can be too lonely.

Juanma Moreno Sánchez ‘s current studio is a tiny triangulated room off a cute terrace in the very center of Seville, really close to “Las Setas”, 15 min. walking from the Cathedral. The paintings are literally piled in this little spot, between an orange tree, a bougainvillea and a washing-machine.

A visit to the studio is, for an artist, a chance to meet new art lovers and also a way to see friends and colleagues. Confronting art with people is the best way to receive feedback. For the visitor, it’s a chance to see ongoing artwork and even influence their development. The visitor also has access to unpublished artworks that haven´t been exhibited.

Juanma Moreno Sánchez´s studio in Seville

The visits are informal events; the artist shows the visitors the studio and the artwork, and then they both have a beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

The visits are free. They are not organized in order to sell art, or in receiving something in exchange. Visits are organized with the goal of receiving feedback, meeting people, and exposing people to new art.

Unfortunately in Seville (as is the case in most places), there is a good amount of artists, and just a few art galleries. This initiative connects unseen art to the public.

If you want to come, you just have to fill in the following form and the artist will contact you to make the appointment.

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