Juanma Moreno Sánchez’s artworks are based on random photos found on the Internet, that are mixed together creating narrative and absurd scenes.

The medium is the message
Marshal McLuhan

In 2013 the author started to work too with software programming. In 2014 “Augmented painting” was presented to the public and in 2016 “Never Gone Forever“, both projects that combines painting and augmented reality software. At this moment, the author is working on new ways of creating art such as the Net-Art or developing robotic devices using Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

I did a lot of things because I failed on all of them. I think failing is one of the Fine Arts.
Pepín Tre

(…) la solución del misterio siempre es inferior al misterio. El misterio participa de lo sobrenatural y aun de lo divino; la solución, del juego de manos.
Jorge Luis Borges, El Aleph.