Net-art: the breeze in Aleppo

The breeze in Aleppo is a Net-Art piece that gets open source’s statistical data. (see another example of Net-art).

The app gets data and represent it visually, focussing on the poetic rather than the practical. The app generates particles that move based on two variables:

1) The speed and direction of the breeze in Aleppo (updated every 20 minutes).
2) The direction and volume of the Nasdaq index (updated every 15 minutos).

Raw data has the beauty of the mathematics, because numbers are brutally honest and indisputable. In my opinion the absence of any kind of data interpretation make numbers very suggestive somehow. Any interpretation is delegated to the spectator.

Functions get these raw data, and they work as moving gears, iterating over and over throw loops. Each operation is repeated about 60 times pro second, just enougth to make each iteration not visible to the human eye.

Technical information

The browser gets data in JSON format (Javascript Object Notation), a widely used format in the modern web.

The app does HTTP calls to different APIs (Application programming interface). They are free data sources that any programmer can use. There are thousands of APIs out there, both public and private. This information populates websites and application all over the web.

This Net-art piece is designed to be executed in any modern browser, with the only requirement of allowing the execution of Javascript script.

Fragment of the app code:

var Particle = function(position, img) {
this.acceleration = createVector((sin(radians(windRad))/50), (cos(radians(windRad))/200)-nasdaqPerf/100);
this.velocity = createVector(random(-1, 1), random(-1, 0));
this.position = position.copy();
this.lifespan = 600;
this.texture = img;
this.size = random(30, 120);

See full code on Github

The app can be executed remotly or be embeded using this link:, or locally downloading from the repository.