Net-art: The unicorn

The unicorn and the pig dance while the rain drops. It’s raining cats and dogs. There are exactly as much rain drops on the screen as dollars are in a Bitcoin at current time.

I will share here, as an example, the entity “Drop”. Each time we see a new drop on the screen, a instance of “Drop” gets created. Then, the software apply some movement to the drop, simulating gravity. The software has been done using the library P5.js, that its made from Processing 3.0

var Drop = function() {
	this.x = random(width);
	this.y = random(height/4, 0);
	this.yspeed = random(4, 20);

Drop.prototype.fall = function(){
	this.y = this.y + this.yspeed;
	if (this.y > height){
		this.y = random(-200, -100);
}; = function(){
	stroke(random(100, 140), random(30, 80), random(120, 180), random(255, 0));
	line(this.x, this.y, this.x, this.y+10);

Full screen.