Juanma Moreno, art and artificial intelligence Generated self-portrait -
Results obtein after training a Stylegan2 neural network with the “Puri & me” serie. I grouped the results according to the similarity to the original paintings.
Undress paintings using Machine Learning -
A little-known application of artificial intelligence (so far) is to analyze a pictorial language. When a neural network process images, it analyzes shapes, colors, directions, textures and compositions. It is a way of stripping a language of all symbolic references.
Artificial inteligence based on painting. Juanma Moreno Sánchez Artificial Intelligence & painting, a paradigm shift? -
Artificial Intelligence places us, in my opinion, in a new paradigm shift in the field of artistic creation. For the first time in history, artistic creation is not something exclusively human. These lines are intended to understand where we are, and where we are going.
Artificial inteligence based on painting. Juanma Moreno Sánchez Art & Artificial Inteligence, a two-way street (Second iteration) -
This article describes the experience of looping again the virtuous circle created by mixing painting and Artificial Inteligence. If you don’t know such a methodology yet, I highly recommend to read the previous post


  • Juanma Moreno Sánchez. Alcalá la Real (Jaén, Spain). 1986. Based in Seville (Spain).


Artistic awards and residencies (selection)

Solo shows

  • “33. El desengaño”, La 13 dada trouch Gallery, Huelva, 2019
  • “#blessed”, Un gato en bicicleta, Seville, Spain, 2017
  • “I was there”, La silla eléctrica artistas visuales, Seville, Spain, 2017
  • “Never Gone Forever”, Gallo Rojo, factoría de creación, Seville, Spain, 2016
  • “Pintura Aumentada”, Red House, Seville, Spain 2014
  • “Historias aparentemente inconexas”, Aula Magna de Capuchinos, Alcalá la Real, Spain 2013
  • “Juanma Moreno”, No-Lugar the art company, Seville, Spain, 2012
  • “Transeúntes”, Harz Mensa, Halle Saale, Germany, 2008

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